August Writing Roundup

It's hard to focus on work during the late days of summer, but I still managed to do my fair share of writing in August. Here's a digest of highlights that kept me busy (but by no means all of my posts/articles), and a sign of what I'll be working on and speaking about as my conference schedule resumes for the fall.

Sidebar - my website evolution continues, and there will be updates coming over the next few weeks. That includes the start of a program to support my blog subscribers, where I'll share exclusive content such as research notes or podcasts with colleagues about current events.

My blog subscription base is growing, especially among new followers, but I also have many RSS followers. Am happy to have any/all followers, but would prefer direct subscribers, and to drive that, I'm starting to offer exclusive content. So, if you're following my blog via RSS, I urge you to consider a direct subscription, which you can do here, or on just about any page on my website.

Enough said - here's my writing roundup for August:

Reimagining Voice in the Age of AI, UCStrategies, Aug. 31

How do you Prepare if your UC Provider is Acquired?, TechTarget, Aug. 30

Innovation and Disruption - Know the Difference,, Aug. 29

Customer Care for the Digital Generation, Upstream Works Blog, Aug. 23

Formulating Your Collaboration Strategy - be a Leader,, Aug. 18

The Benefits of Improved Agility with Collaboration, RingCentral Blog, Aug. 16

Selling Management on Omnichannel - it's a Driver for Customer Care,, Aug. 10

Habitat Soundscaping - and Now for Something Completely Different, No Jitter, Aug. 8

What Omnichannel Brings to Collaboration and Customer Care,, Aug. 3

The Benefits of Improving Workflows with Collaboration, RingCentral Blog, Aug. 2