Go Time for May - First Stop, Montreal and Cisco

I'm in Montreal about to start Day 2 for Cisco's 2017 Customer Care Analyst event. Been really good so far, and more to come today. I'll be writing about this shortly, so stay tuned.

After this, I'm in Phoenix for NEC's event next week, then I'm speaking in Toronto for a networking event hosted by Jeff Pulver about the chatbot/AI space. Week after that, I'm in Indy for the Genesys/ININ event, plus am playing piano there as part of the SIPtones - that should be fun. Following that, I'm speaking again in Toronto at a networking event hosted by my MBA alma mater, Schulich, running a roundtable discussion about digital transformation. 

Something different every week this month, so never dull, that's for sure. Somehow, I'll get my regular set of writing done, along with finishing off two white papers and prepping for a webinar I'm doing later this month. It's go time, and the Cisco folks are ready to start here - out for now, back soon.