Monage 2017 - Chatbot Challenges and New Life for UC

That's the title of my first writeup of takeaways from last week's Monage conference in San Jose. This writeup was done wearing my UC Expert hat for UCStrategies, as I wanted to  address implications for the UC/collaboration/customer care space from the conference. Most of the content was consumer-focused, and really interesting, but that's a topic for another time. 

I was a presenter at Monage, and shared some of that talk in this writeup, and will have more to say about that in a future post. So, for now, I hope you hop over to the UCStrategies site and give the post a read, and would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you'll like it enough to consider attending the next Monage this fall in Boston - I'll be there.

If you weren't there last week, you may enjoy my photos, both of the event and my short walkabout the nice and not-so-nice parts of San Jose.