Jeff Pulver's Monage - March 20-23, San Jose

I just wanted to do a quick shout-out for the second Monage event, coming in a few weeks out in San Jose. The inaugural event was in Boston last fall, and marked Jeff Pulver's return to show biz in our space. I spoke there and will be speaking again in San Jose. For reference, here's my "This is Craziness" post about the event, and here's my Q&A interview with Jeff.

If this is new for you, "Monage" is Messaging on the Net, aka the age of messaging. Of course, this is a play on VON, Jeff's claim to fame, but now the focus has shifted from voice to messaging. I'll have more to say about Monage soon, and for now, I just want to get it on your radar.

If you're looking for a next step, please explore the Monage website, but before that, Jeff's personal pitch below will be a minute of your life very well spent.