2016 in Review - Our UCStrategies Podcast

2016 was so exhausting in terms of change, disruption and innovation, I had to take 10 days off at the break to regroup. Not quite recharged yet, but should be back up to speed next week.

Until then, if you're still wondering what to make of 2016 in the UCC space, our latest UCStrategies podcast will be time well spent. Sure, the cloud was a big deal, and so was CPaaS, and Slack, and the latest rounds of consolidation, both real and imagined. If that's not enough, get ready to hear a lot about IoT, AI, bots, and yes, mobile UC.

Sounds like a trailer for a tech blockbuster movie, and maybe that's what we'll see in 2017. Enough said - our podcast is posted now on the portal, with this one ably moderated by Marty Parker.  So, please listen, learn and share!