Just When You Thought UC Was the Answer...

That's the title of my current Rethinking Communications column, which I've been writing for a few years now. The column runs in TMC's flagship publication, Internet Telephony Magazine, which has just switched from 10x/year publishing to a quarterly issue.

My roots are in the trade publishing business, so I totally understand the switch in today's market. That also explains why you haven't seen anything recently from my column, as the last article ran back in early September.

 A lot has happened since then, and my current column speaks to the down side of UC being a moving target. While it's great that UC is so adaptable, its shape-shifting nature makes it more of a Swiss army knife than a precision instrument that does one thing really, really well. As such, while it's easy to think that UC will solve all your collaboration challenges, it has some blind spots, and to some extent, messaging has exposed one of them. 

That's the focus of my current column, and I'll have more to say about this in future posts. Until then, I hope you give my article a read, and as always, sharing and comments are welcome.