Dialpad's New Study About Anywhere Workers - UC Implications

As a UC Expert with UCStrategies, I contribute a monthly writeup to help keep our content fresh. Regular followers will know that I've been part of this group for years, and our BC Summit is coming soon! Stay tuned for updates on that, along with what I'll be speaking about there.

For my current contribution, I wanted to draw attention to a recent study commissioned by Dialpad, a company that knows a few things about disruption and innovation. I like where they're going with CPaaS, and that's at the heart of what's been shaking up the UC space lately.

The research has some pretty interesting findings, and while nothing is all that surprising, when you tie them together, the broader themes validate some of the challenges UC players are struggling with. From that, I see some opportunities as well, and that's my cue to steer you now to my analysis. I hope you give it a read, and as always, comments and sharing are welcome.