Why Are We Still Working in Offices? My Latest Article

My Rethinking Communications column for Internet Telephony Magazine has been running a few years now, and as technology keeps changing there is no end to the things that we need to rethink. 

Over the last few columns, I've been using the "Why?" theme to explore why we still use various technologies that seem out of step with today's needs. You can explore those here on my TMCnet archive page, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of them.

Continuing that theme, I'm now asking why we work in offices any more, and there are lots reasons to be thinking this way. Old habits die hard, but change happens for a reason, and when something as fundamental as the workplace comes into question, you know big things are in play. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? You can give my article a read here, and after that, I hope you'll let me know.