Welcome to my New Site!

Blogging has gone quiet for a while, not just because I was on vacation where there wasn't much broadband, but because we've been getting this new site ready for launch.

The site went live about a week ago. but the blog wasn't fully ported over until last night. I can finally blog again, and there's a big backload of posts coming.

For now, I just want to get the early word out about my new site. As you may know, until now my blog and my website were standalone entities. I'm very old school, and when I started out as an indie back in 2005, I had a strict church and state thing about keeping my objective content/analysis separate from the commercial side of my business. Being an indie analyst, I have to do both telling and selling, and felt they needed to be kept separate.

Things are different now, and being established, I can live with these under the same roof, and that's a big part of what's happening with this refresh. Apart from that, my practice has evolved since 2005, and so has my messaging, and hopefully the new site reflects that.

I hope you stick around and explore the site, and better yet, let me know what you think. There's still a lot of content coming, so I'm treating this as a soft launch. The basic content is in place, so if you're trying to figure out what I do and how I can be of service, you can do that now. I have tons of links coming that provide examples of my work, so the site will be in beta mode for a bit.

Until then, I hope you like what you see, and there's a signup form if you want to follow my blog, as well as links to my Twitter and Linkedin feeds. Stay tuned, lots more to come!