Is IT Collaborating on Collaboration?

That's the title of my latest analysis for UCStrategies. It's a busy week on the portal - yesterday I posted our last podcast, and tomorrow I'll be blogging here about our current podcast. Each topic is quite different, and this post is about the challenges faced by IT when it comes to taking a strategic approach to collaboration.

When considering a UC platform, IT must also make the right decisions for a service provider partner, but on top of that, there needs to be a deployment plan beyond the network that engages with end users. 

There's a lot at stake here, and my post offers some ways forward that may not be in IT's current thought process. For sake of transparency, I must explain that the post is sponsored by AT&T as part of an ongoing series they've been doing with UCStrategies. That said, once you give it a read, I hope you'll agree it's pretty objective. Here's the link, and as always, comments and sharing are welcome.