September/October Writing Roundup

Been a very busy stretch lately, and for some reason, I missed my writing roundup for September. It's a while ago at this point, but there are still some posts you may find of interest if you didn't see them. If you follow me, you'll know most of my posts aren't super time-sensitive.

My focus is more on industry-based trends, and very little on breaking news. I just don't move that fast, and it's surprising how many requests I get from PR reps who think that's what I do. Enough about that - here are the highlights of my writing over the past two months, and I hope you find some things here that you like.

Making Sense of the Messaging Landscape, my blog, Oct. 31

Getting the Message About Messaging, UCStrategies, Oct. 25

How VoIP Facilitates Collaboration - it's Real Time,, Oct. 18

What Collaboration Features are Essential for my Organization? TechTarget, Oct. 12

The Case for Private Cloud When Considering Hosted Solutions, my blog, Oct. 10

External Collaboration Scenarios that Drive UC, Part 2,, Oct. 10

My Q&A with Jeff Pulver - MoNage and the Emerging Messaging Opportunity, my blog, Oct. 7

Video Meeting Gateway - Bridging the Islands of Video, my blog, Oct. 3

What Digital Natives will NOT do when Collaborating,, Sept. 28

"This is Craziness" - my Takeaways from Jeff Pulver's MoNage Event, UCStrategies, Sept. 28

How Digital Immigrants Collaborate,, Sept. 19

My Video Interview with System Integrator SPS About Collaboration, my blog, Sept. 12

Impact of Disruption on UC Vendors and Providers,, Sept. 8

Why aren't you using Video?, Internet Telephony Magazine, Sept. 6