October Writing Roundup

Time flies, and there's no shortage of things keeping me busy. For those who don't follow me regularly, I put these monthly digest posts together, so you can see in one place a good cross-section of what I've been writing about and doing in the UC&C space. Here's a quick recap of my October.

Telecom 2015 - State of the Canadian Market, UCStrategies, Oct. 29 - ping me to get a copy of my presentation I made there - it's referenced in the article.

Collaboration Buying Decisions - Three Keys to Success, Toolbox.com, Oct. 26

Collaboration Buying Decisions - Knowing the Vendor Landscape, Toolbox.com, Oct. 21

SCTC Conference Coda - our SIPTones Gig, Oct. 19 - no writing here, but wanted to share the fun side being in this space - video highlights of our set in Atlanta - I play both keyboard and guitar.

Three Buying Principals for UC Products, Oct. 16, TechTarget

Slack May be the Uber of the UC Space, Internet Telephony, Oct. 14

Communication Versus Collaboration - Defining Value for UC, Toolbox.com, Oct. 13

Four Ways UC Benefits Productivity, TechTarget, Oct. 7

Reality Check on the Promise of Collaboration, Toolbox.com, Oct. 6

How SMBs Really Feel About UC, Metaswitch blog, Oct. 6 - announcement of a short report I wrote for them about this topic that is now published and available for download.