Next Stop - CTCA 2015 Conference

Later this morning, I'll be driving up to Mono, Ontario - am told it's about an hour outside of Toronto. That's where this year's CTCA conference is being held. The theme is "Partnering for Value", and that makes sense given that telecom consultants provide distinct value for their customers. Of course, business decision-makers face very different challenges these days, and providing relevant technology value is the big challenge facing CTCA's members.

I became an affiliate member recently, and as an analyst, I'm an outlier, but this community sure helps me better understand what's happening in the market. Likewise, they don't engage much with analysts, so I provide them a different perspective on industry trends. To that point, I'll be speaking on a panel tomorrow, moderated by long-time colleague Henry Dortmans. The session is at 10:45, with the focus being the "Future of our Industry". Definitely looking forward to it.

If you still wish to attend, there's room - plus, the resort is first-rate I'm told - and here's the agenda.

I'm getting my fill of Canadian telecom this week, having attended the Canadian Telecom Summit on Monday. On Sunday, I shift gears for next week's Interactive Intelligence conference, and then I get to stay put for while.