CTCA Spring Conference Shout-Out

Time zooms along, and while I haven't been travelling much lately, I have five industry events over the next five weeks. Am doing a shout-out now for the CTCA's annual spring conference, being held this year at Hockley Valley Resort. It's a great time to be there - about an hour north of Toronto - and unlike last year, there won't be any ice still on the lakes - but the Stanley Cup playoffs will probably still be going! Canada, eh.

If you follow me, you may recall that I keynoted at last year's conference, and this time around I'm sharing the stage with a few others. On the second day, I'm part of a "blue ribbon panel" - gotta like that - on the "future of our industry", which includes fellow UCStrategies Expert Steve Leaden. Not only does Steve know his IT/telephony, but he keeps great time on the drums for the SIPtones. I'll be guesting with them the week after on keyboards at the Interactive Intelligence event, but I digress. More about that later.

Also since last year, I've finally joined CTCA as an Affiliate Member, so am doing my part here to promote both the association and the conference. We'd love to see more attendees, so to learn more, here's the current conference program outline. Updates are coming, but there's plenty there to help you decide about coming up to Hockley Valley, and from there, the main website provides full details on registration and how to get there.