State of the Mid-Market with UC

The stars haven't lined up for me lately to get on a UCStrategies podcast, but they did last week, where the topic was the mid-market opportunity for UC. We certainly spend a lot of time on both sides of that space, with smaller scale SMBs being price-driven, and larger scale enterprises dealing with complex network environments.

The mid-market is really neither of these, and once you understand their needs, there's a distinct opportunity for UC vendors and channels. Avaya has been focusing there lately, Lync has a strong play, and vendors like Mitel, ShoreTel and NEC are right at home serving these customers.

We covered the ground during out podcast session, which was led by Phil Edholm. All told, 10 of us weighed in with our views, and my comments start at the 24:29 mark. The replay has now been posted to the UCS portal, including start times for each speaker if you just want to catch what specific UC Experts had to say.