Next stop, London, ON - speaking on UC

Just a quick update post - am driving to London, Ontario shortly for a one-day seminar focused on Unified Communications. Industry colleague Emily Nielsen is behind this - her firm, Nielesen IT Consulting is running this in partnership with MISA Ontario and Middlesex County. The event is small - I'm told the room is at capacity - but will have a strong regional flavor. It's mostly for the public sector, and that vertical is ripe for what UC can offer.

Emily and I are co-presenting tomorrow morning about the reasons to move ahead with UC, along with a reality check covering the challenges. Despite living in Toronto, I don't get in front of Canadian audiences all that often, so am looking forward to hearing what's really on their minds. Plus, London is home to Western University, my undergrad alma mater, and if time allows, I'd love to visit the campus - it's been a while!