Three Ways SIP Phones Add Value to Hosted VoIP - New Article

This month I'm getting a double-shot of exposure in TMC publications, and that's fine by me.

Yesterday, I posted about my regular column, Rethinking Communications, and my current article there, which is focused on BYOE and UC. It's getting a lot of readership, and I hope you like it.

Today, I'm blogging about another article of mine, also running in their flagship pub, Internet Telephony Magazine. In this case, the article is part of their Strategic Solutions Series, and based on the title, the focus should be self-explanatory. Whether you call them SIP phones or IP phones, my writeup highlights three ways they can add value to hosted VoIP - rather than just being plain vanilla commodities you buy solely on price.

Not all phones are created equal, and this article is part of a broader engagement I recently completed with VTech to educate the market, so SMBs can make better decisions when moving to hosted VoIP. Overall, I produced three pieces of content, and this article is the final one. The other two were posted on the CIO Review site - one being a different article, and the other being a White Paper, titled "Key Considerations for Buying SIP Phones". Both are easily accessible and all the details are in my recent post here.