February Writing Roundup

Was hoping to get this posted earlier in the week, but that's a sign of how busy things have been around here. New business continues developing, so I blog as time allows. Quickly, if you like my writing, here are the top posts and articles from me over the last month.

Five Considerations for Buying SIP Phones, Authored article, CIO Review, February 26

Key Considerations for Choosing SIP Phones, new White Paper, sponsored by VTech, February 24

What BYOD Means for SMBs, Toolbox.com, February 19

Yorktel Case Study - the Right Way to Sell Video, JAA blog, February 18

Cisco Canada's New HQ - Hard Hat Tour, JAA blog, February 16

The Cloud is Coming for VoIP - Are You Ready?, Toolbox.com, February 9

Key to Success with Remote Working - Define Your Vision, Toolbox.com, February 3