Energy Thought Summit - Another Takeaway - Education

I've been doing a few things around last week's Energy Thought Summit in Austin - some that's strictly smart grid, and some that weaves into the UC/collaboration space. Let me get to the latest item, and then I'll steer you to a few other things to provide the bigger picture.

I just wrote a post-ETS piece about education, and how this was a strong, but subtle theme running throughout the event. There's a big concern that not enough kids are going into the science and engineering disciplines - both in grade school and beyond - and this is the lifeblood driving the energy economy, especially among utilities. My article is running now on the ETS Insights portal, and if you're wondering where tomorrow's energy leaders will come from, I think you'll enjoy it.

Given my core focus communications tech, my perspectives on smart grid/energy are a bit different from those that live in that space 24/7. Since ETS is done now for a while, I thought it would be useful to pull all the various things I've been doing lately around that space to add a few layers to the above post.

First, from today's earlier blog post, my thoughts on smart grid parallels to the UC space on UCStrategies

Second, I wrote a series of articles leading up to ETS wearing my Community Advocate hat. Here's a summary with links to each post.

Finally, on a visual note, here's my post from ETS with some photos and first impressions.

Whatever you care to read, I greatly appreciate your time, and if this sparks any idea or dialog, I'm all ears.