My UCStrategies Post: VoIP at 20 and Why the Best is Yet to Come for UC

I'm attending TMC's ITExpo this week, and yesterday they had a great one-off panel celebrating VoIP's 20th anniversary. I've been pretty close to the center of VoIP for a long time, and it was a special gathering to have so many pioneers and innovators in one place.

I touched on this in my earlier post today as part of my overall takeaways from the conference. There was more to say, however, and I put that together for my current contribution to the UCStrategies portal, with some messages there for UC as well as VoIP.

If you haven't come across this yet from that post, you can access it directly there. Either way, I hope you give it a read and would love to hear your thoughts, especially if you go back to those heady times when it looked like VoIP would obliterate the telcos.