My New White Paper - How BYOE Drives Value for UC

I write my fair share of White Papers, and this is my second one with ShoreTel. As the title indicates, my focus is on BYOE and how it's impacting the value proposition for UC.  We all know how UC is becoming more end-user driven, and since this means many different things, UC is morphing in new directions. This is part of UC's ongoing evolution, but it's clear now that end users are bringing new expectations into the workplace that conventional forms of UC can no longer address.

There's lots to consider here, and my paper examines what BYOE needs to look like for vendors to sell UC today, along with what it means for end users. The concept is still very new, so there's also a lot to learn, and my intention is to provide business decision-makers with a foundation rooted in what's happening today.

The White Paper has just been published on ShoreTel's website, and here's the link to register and download a copy.

If you didn't catch my earlier post today, there's a companion to this in the form a webinar I'm doing next Tuesday that will feature highlights from the White Paper. Here's the post with details, and I hope can join us!