ITExpo Preview #2 - Panel: Customer Experience and Telco 2.0

I'll be moderating two panels next week at TMC's ITExpo, and yesterday I posted about the first one. My second panel is on Friday at 10am, and I hope you can join us.

The session is titled Customer Experience and Telco 2.0, and we'll be speaking about the kinds of experiences that service providers need to deliver in order to meet the expectations of today's subscribers. Almost anyone can be a "service provider" now with cloud-based platforms, so the competition has never been more daunting and the hold over subscribers has never been so tenuous.

Whether you're an operator trying to figure out how to stay in the game, or a subscriber trying to better understand what's out there in the ever-expanding service provider universe, I think you'll find this an engaging session.

Joining me will be Rene Sotola of CGI, and we're hoping to add a couple more speakers this week. By the time next Friday rolls around, you shouldn't have any trouble finding us in Room B213, but just in case, all the details are here - just scroll down the Conference Program page until you find our date and time.