Will Messaging Displace Voice?

I think that's a pretty provocative topic, and there certainly are trends happening now to support that position. Just as the telephone replaced the telegraph, we may end up coming full circle where short form communication is favored over the open-ended mode of voice.

Real time is still more important than near real time, but as we struggle and endlessly juggle 10 things at once, brevity often carries the day. This doesn't help improve our grammar, penmanship or civility, but messaging goes a long way to keeping our jobs, right?

That's the teaser for the latest iteration of my Rethinking Communications column on TMCnet's Internet Telephony Magazine. It's been a while since my last column, mainly because the pub ran a double issue during the back end of summer. They're back now to monthly publishing, so my upcoming posts won't be so far apart. With that said, here's the link to my current article, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.