August Writing Roundup

Tough getting back to writing, but write we must. August was a pretty light month given I was away for about half of it, but there were a few posts worth sharing for my monthly writing roundup.

I have plenty going on to kickstart my fall, and will be back to my regular volume of writing in no time. With that said, if you didn't catch these posts from last month, now's your chance:

There's Something Bigger than the Internet of Things,, August 29

Top 10 Risks you take with UC, Part 2, Adtran UC blog, August 28

Five Things We Can Learn From Millennials About Collaboration, UCStrategies, August 27

VoIP's Hidden Value for SMBs, Ziff Davis B2B webinar, August 26 (presentation available upon request)

BadUSB and the Risk of Remote Working,, August 14

Top 10 Questions to ask UC Vendors, Adtran UC blog, August 7

How VoIP can Transform your Business,, August 4