Next Stop - Phoenix, Cisco Customer Collaboration Day

Week 2 of 3 straight travel weeks - don't think I've had that before. Last week was the UC Summit, and the next two days is a Cisco event in Phoenix; and next week is the big 10th Metaswitch Forum in NOLA - more about that one later this week.

Bright and early tomorrow, I'm going to Phoenix for the 2014 Cisco Americas Customer Collaboration Analyst Day. Got that? You'd be right to wonder that if the event has such a long, convoluted name, how are they going to make collaboaration simple?

Well, it's crossed my mind a few times, and I guess I'm about to find out. Cisco's events are always first rate, so I'm sure the mystery will be revealed and I'll do my best to describe, explain and inform here. We'll be hearing about customer successes, but they'll also be updating us on omnichannel communication and data analytics - both of which I'm keenly interested in. Plus, I'm going to keep a running tally of how often IoT and IoE are mentioned, since these are the big ideas du jour.