Next Stop - Metaswitch Forum, NOLA, plus my show guide essay

Bing, bang, boom. Week 3 of travel coming up. Was in La Jolla last week for the UC Summit; I was just in Phoenix for 2 days at Cisco's customer collaboration event; and on Monday I'm going to New Orleans for the Metaswitch Forum. Oy.

So, this is my shout-out for the 10th Metaswitch Forum. I've been to 5 of them - maybe more, and this one will be a big one to mark the occasion. They held the Forum in New Orleans back in 2008, and that one is still in my all-time top 5, so the bar is going to be pretty high next week, but I know we will not be disappointed.

If you're going, drop me a line if you want to connect - I'm not hard to find. This is especially true if you check out the show guide, which tells you everything you need to know about the Forum.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary, Metaswitch asked me to write a short essay to set the stage for the event. I was happy to oblige, and the essay is featured right after you open the front cover.

The essay is titled "Simplicity and Intelligence - Can You Have Both? How Can You Not Have Both?"

I can't share the entire show guide with you - gotta be there for that - but I can share the essay with you here, and I hope you like it! This will provide a preview of what the event holds in store, and your comments are welcome - either here or in NOLA.

As usual, I'll be blogging and tweeting as time allows, and you can follow my tweets here - @arnoldjon. To follow the play-by-play during the Forum, just track the event hashtag - #MForum14