April Thought Leadership Roundup

I recently started doing a monthly roundup post to provide a one-stop-shop review of my writing that I think readers would most enjoy. As you know, my writing turns up in a lot of places, so here's a good way to get a best-of digest for each month.

Had my hands full at the UC Summit last week, so I'm a bit behind, but here are the posts from April I most hope you got to see - and if you didn't see them, it's not too late to share your thoughts! This list is a bit longer than normal, as it was a heavy month for me in terms of writing - and these are just the highlights.  :-)

Colonel Chris Hadfield - Lessons Learnd from Collaborating in Space - this blog, April 1

Book Review - Hacking Exposed for VoIP and UC - this blog, April 3

Why Does Customer Service Suck? - InformationWeek, UC portal, April 10

Is Voice Really Dead? - Internet Telephony Magazine, April issue

VoIP Security - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You - Enterprise Management 360, Q1 2014 Edition

CTCA Conference - Quick Coda and Presentation Links, this blog, April  15

UC Summit 2014 - Highlights and 7 Takeaways, this blog, April 30

5 Trends in the UC Marketplace: An Interview with Jon Arnold - TFF.com site, April 23

Migrating to VoIP - Where to Begin? - Toolbox.com portal, April 20

Business Implications for VoIP - 3 Caveats - Toolbox.com portal, April 3

Key Questions to ask a Potential UC Vendor - ADTRAN UC blog, April 17