State of Cloud-Based Solutions and Ecosystems - UCStrategies Podcast

Our latest UCStrategies podcast included a guest, namely Zach Hinkle. He's the Solutions Program Manager for Interactive Intelligence and their cloud-based contact center platform, CaaS. His company has long been a leader in moving communications applications to the cloud, so they were a great addition for this topic.

For a change, I served as the moderator, and led Zach through a series of topics that our usual group of UC Experts had no trouble chiming in on. We started by talking about why vendors are moving to the cloud and why their customers are now following them. Naturally, we wanted hear about Interactive's experiences, but then moved on to the broader vendor space.

Building on that, we talked about the challenges and realities, along with the importance of building up an ecosystem to support the changing needs of a multichannel contact center environment.

The podcast has been posted to the UCStrategies portal, so you can give it a listen here. We covered a lot of ground, so it's a pretty long session, and if that's asking too much, you can just read the transcript as well as fast forward to the parts you really want to hear.