Next Smart Grid Webinar - Managing Outages in Extreme Weather

With ETS behind us now, it's time to get back to smart grid webinars. The next Zpryme webinar is on April 17 at 1pm ET, and I'll be in my usual role as the moderator/host.

Even though winter is pretty much behind us, and baseball is back, extreme weather threats are not too far back in our rear view mirrors. Ice storms are off the table now for a while, but depending where you live, floods, hurricanes, etc. can happen any time.

That's what we'll be covering in this webinar, with a particular focus on what utilities need to do to keep the lights on under extreme conditions. Joining me will be Clinton Davis of Ventyx, and Kandace Eaves of OGE - Oklahoma Gas and Electric.

Our webinars are always well-attended, so I'm just giving you an early heads-up here about the next one, and to register, here's the web page. Weather permitting, I hope you can join us! :-)