Book Review - Hacking Exposed for UC and VoIP

I don't usually write book reviews, and I've never written a business book. Definitely looked into the latter, and I'm sure I could it, but it just hasn't grabbed me enough to do one. I'll bet I could ghost-write a good book for someone else, though, so if that grabs you, I'm not hard to find. :-)

Back to business. Mark Collier is the CTO with SecureLogix - both he and the company know the nuts of bolts of IT security really well. I've known Mark for some time, and when the 2nd edition of this book came out, he sent me a copy and asked if I'd be kind enough to review it. Our paths crossed recently once he saw the white paper I authored on VoIP security for VoIPshield. Since we're on the same wavelength about these issues, I was more than happy to do it.

The book at hand focuses specifically on IT threats related to VoIP and UC, and is part of an ongoing series of books under the Hacking Exposed theme. Mark co-authors these books with David Endler, another major thought leader and practitioner in ths space.

I decided to post my book review on instead of here since it will get broader exposure there. I'm not a big online shopper, but have recently discovered the joys of hunting down hard-to-find CDs and books there, and have since added a couple of short review of CDs. If you've never posted a review on Amazon, it's easy to do, and I figured why not post my Hacking Exposed review there too.

Without further ado, then, you can read my Customer Review here, and I hope you find it helpful - maybe even helpful enough to add their book to your shopping cart! There are a few other reviews about the book as well (much shorter than mine!), so you can see that I'm not alone in giving it two thumbs up.