ETS - Energy Thought Summit - March 24-25, Austin - Coming?

As ETS gets closer, I need to wear my Smart Grid hat a bit more often and do my part to support and promote the event. My partners at Zpryme Research have done a great job putting the program together and drawing together a first rate lineup of thought leaders. If your goal is to learn from the best and brightest, this event is for you. It's not a trade show and we have a limit on how many attendees can participate.

In terms of star power, from the tech world, SteveWozniak needs no introduction. I'm involved in Smart Grid because of the rich intersection between communications technology and the evolving energy sector. Bridging Steve's perspective to the world of Smart Grid, we have thought leaders from across the full spectrum, including George Arnold, Andres Carvallo, Massoud Amin, Rajit Gadh, Mei Shibata, Emir Macari, Becky Harrison, Ken Laberteaux, and many others.

The speaker lineup alone is reason to come, but so will be the learning from the sessions and of course, the invaluable networking that comes from being in this intimate setting for two days. I'll be there in plain view, likely moderating a couple of panels, and will serve as the event MC on Day 2.

I'll do my best to keep this on your radar, and for full event and registration info, here's the ETS website.