Amazon Mayday and the Toronto Ice Storm

These references may sound a bit obscure, and that's understandable. If you don't live in Toronto, you probably don't know about the Ice Storm we had, plus it occurred three months ago. Hopefuly, you know about Amazon's Mayday button, so let me connect the dots a bit more.

I'm posting here about my monthly column that I write for TMC's Internet Telephony Magazine, Rethinking Communications. Print publishing has long lead times, and while this article was written in the wake of the Toronto Ice Storm, it's only just been published today in the digital edition of the magazine.

If you lived through the Ice Storm, then my analysis would be very appropos for how the concept of Amazon Mayday could have helped ease the anxieties around what happened. We've long since gotten over the storm, but the ideas are still highly relevant for any utility, and incidents like this happen all the time.

In general, utilities have a lot to learn about customer service, and the thinking behind Amazon Mayday could really help raise the bar. That's the main connection I'm trying to make, and if that piques your interest, I hope you read my article. As always, comments are welcome.