2014 VoIP Outlook: Analyst Roundup (including JAA)

Industry portal GetVoIP is one of many out there providing information to help people make buying decisions about VoIP. These sites often provide lots of pricing and feature comparisons, and it's nice to come across one that actually provides some independent analysis.

GetVoIP's CEO, Reuben Yonatan came up with a good way of doing this - soliciting insights from various industry analysts about what we see in store for businesses as they consider VoIP in 2014. I was included in this group, and our collective wisdom has been rounded up in their 2014 Outlook post.

I've been away a few days and just back to blogging now. Their 2014 outlook ran earlier this week, and if you haven't seen it yet, here's the post. Am sure they'd welcome your comments, so don't be shy.