2014 UC Outlook - Our Latest UCStrategies Podcast

Building on our previous podcast look at 2013, the next step is looking ahead, and that's what we've addressed in our latest UCStrategies podcast.

Crystal balling can be fun, but there sure are a lot of unknowns with UC going into the new year. I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news, but based on what came out from the podcast, there's certainly lots of opportunity for vendors with the right approach.

By that I mean betting on the right trends that make UC a must-have capability. Nobody has really cracked that code yet, but with so much disruption coming from the likes of the cloud, WebRTC, video everywhere and social media, I think the value proposition is going to change.

Aside from this being my view of things, I hope it piques your interest enough to hear what the UCS Experts have to say about 2014. The podcast is available for listening now, and here's the link on our portal.