Smart Grid Webinar - Sept. 24 - Smart Metering Programs

Time to put on my smart grid hat with Zpryme and tell you about our next webinar. If there's one thing most people generally understand about this space, it's smart meters. You know, that digital power meter your utility came by to install and replace the legacy reader that sits outside your house but you've never actually taken a look at. Well, coming from the telecom space, what VoIP did to telephony, the smart meter is doing to utilities.

The smart meter - or AMI - is the prime building block for the big picture smart grid evolution we're all going through, as it establishes two-way, real-time data flow between utilities and subscribers.Since every home and business has to have one, it's a big business and there are lots players with a vested interest to get these deployed as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, that's enough of a teaser to get you to join us on September 24 at 1pm PST - that's 4pm ET. The webinar is free, and joining me will be Tim Wolf of Itron, Lee Krevat of SDG&E, and Matthew Crosby of Pecan Street Inc. Our webinars are well attended, so I suggest you register early - here's the link.

Speaking of smart grid, just a half-step to the right, I'll be attending the Meeting of the Minds conference here in Toronto the next two days. This looks to be a great event, and if you're interested in how we build sustainable cities - I sure am! - I'll be blogging and tweeting as time allows.