Next Stop - Here - Meeting of the Minds

Been going full-out here after Labor Day with lots of new things on my plate for the fall already. One of them is a rarity for me - a conference here in Toronto - what a concept! Actually, this one has nothing to do with telecom, but everything to do with communications and other things related.

I've been invited to attend Meeting of the Minds 2013 next week, and it showcases an A-List roster of leading thinkers and players in the area of urban sustainability. Much of it has a local flavor - how will Toronto plan for its future and accommodate the ridiculous growth boom currently happening here. However, Toronto has joined the big leagues of major cities, and is a good choice to host, taking over from last year's site in San Francisco.The broader focus is on global urbanization and sustainability strategies, so these are fast becoming almost everybody's problem.

Of course, a lot of this is about infrastructure and connectivity, and that's where my dual focus on communications and smart grid brings me to attend. I'm really looking forward to the program and will be onsite next Tuesday and Wednesday, and will tweet and blog as time allows. Look for me if you're attending, and otherwise, there is a free webcast option, but I can't find the link right this minute.