Merits of UC in the Cloud - EM360 Podcast/Article Now Posted

Enterprise Management 360 is a UK-based venture focused on thought leadership for IT executives from the analyst community. This is another entity that engages me on occasion, and my most recent involvement was an interview I did with Todd Abbot of Sonus back in May.

They do a good job of bringing industry leaders to the table, and a few weeks back, they had me lead a roundtable panel on the business case and reservations about putting UC in the cloud. It's a huge topic these days, and we had a great group on hand.

Joining me was Sanjay Bhatia of GENBAND, Richard Bennett of Avaya, and Jon Martin of BT Global. I really enjoyed having views from both vendors and carriers, as this presents major implications - and opportunities for each as they struggle to maintain ownership of the end customer.

We had so much to talk about that the podcast was broken up into three distinct segments. EM360 has just posted them here on their website where you can download and listen any time.

They've also included excerpts in their flagship quarterly glossy magazine. The Q4 edition is in distribution now to subscribers, and the digital version is now running live. Here's the link, and the transcript from part of our podcast runs on pages 12-15.

I hope you find this content helpful, and comments are most welcome.