Zpryme U.S. Smart Grid Webinar Update - Bigger, Better... and New Date!

Sorry to keep doing this, folks, but in this case, bigger is better. I'm not the ringleader here, but interest has been so strong in this topic, that Zpryme has moved it from a paid event to being free.

Now we've added another sponsor, which means a longer event, but also a richer one for you to learn new things from. To accommodate all this, the date has now been moved out a week.

So, instead of the webinar being tomorrow - as per yesterday's post - it's now next Thursday, June 20. Same start time of 1pm ET, but it runs longer now til 2:30.

Again - if you want to get a quick update on the state of the U.S. smart grid market, please join us - myself, Duke Energy, Austin Energy, Proximetry and our latest sponsor Industrial Defender. Full details and registration info is here, and I think it's safe to say our plans are set now!