UCStrategies Podcast - Innovation Roundup

Don't ask where the time goes - it just does. Blogging for me lately has become like VoIP - it's on a "best efforts" basis - not because I have nothing to say - am just too busy. Also, as you hopefully know, my writing pops up regularly in a few places, so I'm not that hard to find.

One thing I try to do regularly is participate in the weekly UCStrategies podcast, and Dave Michels led a great topic a few days back. Instead of talking about what all the majors are doing to tighten their grip on global domination, the focus was on innovation we're seeing from the smaller guys. As usual, this is where most of the cool ideas percolate up from, and each of us has our own circle to draw from.

I chimed in near the end, talking mostly about Fonolo, and what they're doing with virtual queuing to reduce hold times in the contact center. Aside from making the customer's life easier, this actually saves the contact center a lot of money, and I wanted to cite Fonolo because their solution is built around a specific business problem rather than being a catch-all for a lot of things.

I also added some thoughts to two vendors mentioned earlier in the call - Vidtel and Esna Technologies. Video got a lot of attention on the call, and Vidtel is emerging as one to watch, along with BlueJeans. For transparency purposes, I'll note that I'm an Advisor to both Fonolo and Vidtel, but that doesn't mean I can't speak well of them objectively, especially when I'm also talking about other vendors in a similar light.

Enough about that - it's a solid podcast, and you can check it out right here, right now.