UC Summit 2013 Coming Up

Regular readers will know that I'm part of the UCStrategies group, and I contribute a monthly post to the portal. Their annual UC Summit is coming up later this month, and to start buiding some buzz, the first press release went out today.

Last year I attended for the first time; it was a great event and am happy to be returning for the 2013 edition.  Unlike most conferences, this one is invitation-only - it's a good way to ensure the best fit among attendees, sponsors and speakers.

Speaking of speakers, I've been asked to do just that, and will be co-presenting a breakout session with fellow Torontonian and UCStrategies Expert, Kevin Keiller. We'll be talking about Microsoft Lync and how channels can monetize this opportunity. There are definitely pros and cons to going with Lync and we'll be looking at both sides of the story. The agenda is still being mapped out, but I think we're on at 2pm on Sunday, April 28.

I'll update you soon, but for more detail, as well as how to apply for an invitation to attend, here's what you need to do next.