Know Your Alternatives Recap - State of UC in Canada

Last month was the 3rd Know Your Alternatives conference here in Toronto. There aren't many events with this focus in Canada, and it was a pretty  good barometer for how the market is taking for Unified Communications. In short, it has a ways to go, but heading in the right direction. If you're new to this event, my wrapup post is a good place to start.

I enjoyed the event - both as a speaker and attendee - and have been putting in my two cents with the KYA host, Emily Nielsen to make it bigger and even better next time around. Emily is definitely picking up the cues, and as with all events, the content is your best calling card.

Her team has just posted a series of short video clips highlighting key takeaways as well as interviews with various speakers. If you couldn't make the event, these are a good set of touchpoints for how the UC space is shaping up in Canada.

To set the stage, here's the event summary - it's just 3.5 minutes. You'll probably recognize the speakers - and even me - and if you have any comments about the event, Emily would love to hear from you. Even better, come join us next year!