Feb. 8 Webinar - Buying UC and Selling UC

Am doing another webinar with the Ziff Davis B2B group. It's on Friday, Feb. 8, at 2pm EST.

As the title implies, there are two aspects to getting UC going inside your company. First, you need to buy UC, and that actually entails quite a few things. Perhaps just as important, though, you have to sell it - IT needs a lot of buy-in to make this work. I'll be exploring 3 angles there - selling yourself on UC, and then getting buy-in from management and end users. I'm not going to say which has to happen first, but the buying and selling of UC are equally important.

So, if you're wondering just how you should go about this journey, you'll want to join us. The webinar is free, and here's the link for more details about what I'll be talking about, as well as how to register - just takes a minute.