AudioCodes One Voice - Another Take

Pretty hectic week here, so this will be short. On Monday, AudioCodes announced One Voice, which is basically an integrated solution to voice-enable Microsoft Lync. Notice that they don't call it telecom - it's a subtle way to say you can do voice without an IP PBX, which by extension makes/keeps the desktop at the center of your communications environment. Some vendors partner with Microsoft and others compete with them, and it's an interesting time to see how the various classes of vendors hold their own, given all the disruption from the cloud and mobility in particular.

Many aspects of this announcement really tie into UC, so I'm going to continue this thread by steering you to the UCStrategies portal, where my analysis was posted this morning. I'm keen to know if you agree with my take on things, as I see One Voice as a sign that PCs aren't going away any time soon, and another indication as to how hard Microsoft is trying to leverage their footprint and provide the complete solution for businesses to communicate with.