Cisco/J Arnold & Associates Webinar - Moving Beyond Dial Tone

Told you I've been busy lately. Got another webinar to share that I'm presenting on - this time it's with Cisco Canada. The topic is about options that businesses should consider when looking at PBX replacement. We're focused on the mid-market here, and I'll be reviewing the issues facing these businesses along with the need to think more strategically about the paths they can take. Inertia goes a long way to preserving the status quo, but the sooner a business can move to VoIP and closer to UC, the better their foundation to remain competitive in terms of communications technologies.

So, here are the details. The webinar takes place on Tuesday, November 13 at 1pm ET, and is being hosted by ITWorld Canada. I'll be presenting along with Cisco, and together we'll provide a good roadmap for IT decision makers about what the future holds for a world beyond dial tone. If that describes your current dilemma, here's the form, and I hope you'll be joining us on the webinar.