When Microsoft starts losing money... UCStrategies podcast

Sometimes the stars line up nicely, even when not by design, and that's certainly what happened this week with Microsoft and UCStrategies. This week's podcast topic was a review of how recent announcements and moves at MSFT following last week's WW Partner Conference here in Toronto would impact the UC space. There's lots to consider here, especially around Lync, Office 365, Surface and Skype implications. 

As usual, the podcast has a wide range of views, and while I didn't have any comments to add, I still want to socialize this here. We did this on Tuesday, which was 2 days ahead of Microsoft's quarterly results, and by now you would know this was their first money-losing quarter ever. EVER. I don't think any tech company has had a run like theirs, so this is a big deal, at least to me. With Google and Apple doing so well these days, MSFT can't afford any wrong moves, and they've had a few of those. Despite their dominance and resources, they're still on the outside looking in with mobility, and if they can't catch that wave, these other players will have little to fear as this trend continues.

I wrote earlier this week about RIM's challenges, and as big as they are here in Canada, they're pretty minor compared to what happens if Microsoft hits a wall and keeps losing money. Definitely a trend to follow closely, and to better understand what UC has to do with their fortunes, you really should check out our podcast, which was hosted by Jim Burton. It's running on the portal now, along with a transcript - and once you're done, poke around - there's lots more great content there.