"What is the Role of IT Now?" My Latest TMC Column

You may be aware that I recently started contributing again to TMCnet. I've done so in a few guises, with this iteration being my monthly column called Rethinking Communications. My column runs in both the print and digital editions of their flagship publication, Internet Telephony magazine, so there's a lot of reach here.

For some reason, my column didn't run in the June issue, but it's running in the current issue, and the digital edition just hit my email inbox this morning. Being summer, this is a double issue covering July and August, so  it will be out there for a while. The print edition has been out for a bit already, so whether you get this in the mail or prefer to read online, I welcome you to read my article, which is on page 11.

My focus this time around is the changing role of IT, something I'm seeing a lot across my work and research. I can only touch on a few things in the article and I'm sure many of you are seeing similar trends. It's a big topic, and I'll certainly be revisiting it here and elsewhere soon. Until then, you can download the July/August digital edition here, and I'm sure you'll make Rich Tehrani and his always-on editorial staff happy if you continue reading after my article through the rest of the issue. I've been through it myself, and there's lots of great content, including pieces from Skype's Jonathan Rosenberg about video, snom's Mike Storella about hosted Lync, and a nice profile about Andy Voss and Sansay covering the broader SBC space.