Enterprise Social Software Trends - UCStrategies Podcast

Busy week here on many fronts. This week's UCStrategies podcast built on two news items for major players - Microsoft acquiring Yammer, and Cisco rebranding its Quad platform. Both play into the ever expanding/confusing zone where social media and business communications intersect, and within the UCS group, Blair Pleasant has had a strong focus here.

Blair did a great job putting this podcast together, and we did our best to elevate the conversation above the din of social media, and into the more sophisticated realm of "enterprise social software". When the business world comes up with its own language to describe something we're already using, you know there's money to be made and empires to be lost. That's exactly what's driving the news from Cisco and MSFT, and we came at the topic from our usual wide range of perspectives.

We had a very lively discussion, and if you're wondering whether social media will have a legit home in the world of UC, this is what you should do after reading my post. The podcast - and transcript - was just posted to the UCS site, so click here to give it a listen and/or read, and by all means, join the conversation. After all, we're talking about social media here!