Podcast - Mitel BPC Takeaways

Am slowly getting back to blogging - been focused on new business and getting projects off the ground. For those of you following the Canadian telecom/IT space, should definitely be on your radar. It's a great resource run by veteran journalist/blogger Rob Dutt, and he covers a lot of ground, both with his posts and podcasts.

He invited me to do a segment shortly after Mitel's Business Partner Conference, which I attended a couple of weeks ago in San Diego. In light of RIM's latest challenges, Mitel looms pretty large now on the Canadian landscape as possibly our strongest tech company, so it was timely to have a chat. I've already written about the event on my blog, but the podcast format has more runway to explore ideas in conversation as opposed to composed prose.

I realize this is a bit after the fact, but the posting has just come my way now, so if you still want to get a first-hand account of this year's Mitel BPC, you can tune in here. Rob does long podcasts - over an hour - and I'm one of a few guests on the program, so there's lots more to explore here. Our segment is towards the end, so to listen in, scroll ahead to the 55 minute mark, and you'll find us there.