Interactive Intelligence - Takeaways from Interactions 2012

Last week's Interactions 2012 event was the biggest and best yet put on by Interactive Intelligence, and I briefly posted about it here. I often write a  more reflective recap just after the event, and this one sure gave us a lot to think about in terms of where the cloud is going, not just in the office, but in the contact center as well.

Well, I did just that for my June contribution to the UCStrategies portal. Several of us from UCS were at the event, and we did our best to keep UC in the discussion mix both on stage and in the hallways. ININ is one of the few vendors bridging the enterprise and contact center worlds with a mix of telephony, UC and CEBP applications - available either on-premise or in the cloud. That's a lot to digest, and I've taken my shot at what it all means from a UC point of view. You can read that now on the UCS portal, and while you're there, please spend some time reading what my colleagues have to say on all of these topics.