Next Stop - UC Summit 2012

I've had a nice run of being home, and just as the weather finally starts to get nice, I have a trip - go figure. On Sunday I'm going to La Jolla, CA for the first time, and am participating in my first UC Summit. This is the annual conference run by my colleagues at UCStrategies, and I'm really looking forward to UC Summit 2012.

If you follow me, you'll know I've been writing a series recently focused on helping the channel sell UC, and that's very much what the UC Summit is all about. The event has built a solid track record and the content is as good as it gets for the UC space.

I'll be speaking on the "Things You Need to Know" panel, which runs on Tuesday from 10-11, and otherwise I won't be hard to find. By all means, let me know if you want to meet - drop me an email or a tweet - I'll be tweeting regularly (@arnoldjon). Something tells me the wine will be very good there, and that's a good clue as to where I might be after the sessions, preferably outside in the warm California sun! Hey, I'm from Canada - can you blame me?